Newsvine Public Launch

March 1st, 2006

newsvine_logo.jpgAfter much work and little sleep, we’ve just released to the world. Here is a short list of interesting numbers leading up to the launch:

  • Time since the founding of the company: 11 months
  • Time spent on development: 6 months
  • Pageviews on day one of the private beta: 100,000+
  • Newsvine Team consists of: 5 people

Some meaty features were introduced over the past couple of months, and especially in the past two weeks. These include:

    Public Mode – browse Newsvine without registering.

    Conversation Tracker – A slick way to keep track of comment threads, both on items in your column and elsewhere around The Vine. This feature has added to the timeliness (and therefore quality) of discussions.

    Comment Moderation – Voting and abuse reporting on comments. Stay tuned for more enhancements.

    Post/Seed Classification – Now you can designate your seed/post as “news event”, “news opinion” or “other”. Soon, we’ll be implementing filtering based on these classifications.

    Updated FAQ – We’ve added a good deal of information to the FAQ section, based on feedback we’ve gotten from beta testers.

    Region Management – Now with over 500 regions worldwide, Newsvine can provide you with local news like no other source.

    Newsvine Doppelganger – eliminates duplicates, finds related articles – even if they don’t exist on Newsvine.

    Newsvine Code of Honor – though this isn’t a feature per say, this set of guidelines is helping to keep the Vine tidy.

    Backend Enhancements – numerous improvements behind the scenes that are likely not noticed, but were significant in pushing forward to the next levels of development.

Additional features on the way:

    Comment History – a listing of all comments left by a user, as approved by the majority of Newsvine users who voted for this feature.

    Micro Regions – zero-in on regions within existing regions, such as neighborhoods.

    Newsvine Guilds – join together with other users who share similar interests for collaborative works and discussion.

    Clippings and E-mail This
    – send a newsvine article or seed to a friend, or save it to read later privately (doesn’t show up in your column).

Well, that pretty much wraps it up for the time being. What are you still doing here? Get on over to The Vine!

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