3DHD TV – Coming to a Living Room Near You

January 8th, 2010

CES – LAS VEGAS via NBCU Blogger Lounge – I was the last to get a projection TV, then I held out for as long as I could to get an HD plasma TV.

However, I can’t wait to get my first 3DHD TV. With more and more movies coming out from Pixar and other high tech animation studios, sci-fi thrillers and the great potential that watching the NFL in 3D offers – this is one technology I might not be able to abstain from for very long.

Some of the questions I have relate to the glasses, whether or not the TVs themselves can be manually switched back and forth from 3D mode to 2D mode, and whether this will cause prices of things like DVDs to jump drastically.

My first gander into the exhibits showcasing these spiffy new TVs ended with me being most impressed by Panasonic and Samsung’s offerings. Before we were chased off of the Samsung exhibit floor by security (another story), I had the chance to view a couple samples of their 3D technology. The depth of field was amazing and the colors were crisp. The glasses didn’t seem problematic – but trying to watch the displays without the glasses gave you a head-wobble really quick. Panasonic on the other hand had the longest line to view its new 3D products. I was able to grab a pair of glasses to quickly sample a segment of Avatar. I was less impressed with their offering in terms of 3D sharpness and image quality, and fast motion frames seemed to result in a sort of blurred distortion – I’m thinking that maybe this was due to the goggles, not the display itself though since switching the eyewear seemed to help. Looking at the Panasonic without the glasses didn’t yield the same sort of vertigo-eyesore that I got from the Samsung.

In conclusion, I’m really looking forward to these television sets making into living rooms across the country….. especially mine.

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