About Calvin

calvin-rebreatherthumb.jpgI am a Seattle native, avid traveler and founder of the news media company Newsvine. Approximately 18 months after the public launch of Newsvine.com, the startup was purchased by MSNBC Interactive News as the first ever acquisition carried out by the news media company, which is was a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC Universal. I left Newsvine and MSNBC in 2010.

I take great pride in supporting and participating in my local dive community by continuing to operate Northwest Dive Club, an organization I founded in 2005. Despite its rapid growth, the dive club has continued to be one of the most active and friendly destinations online for folks who share a common love for the sport of SCUBA diving. If you’re new to diving and/or the Pacific Northwest, please feel free to swing on by and introduce yourself.

This website is a legacy site that will eventually be retired. Please visit me to get in touch or follow my adventures at my current home on the web, tangfish.com