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Join the Club (a Seal) – Move to Canada

babyseal.gifWhether you’re on the Humane Society’s side or that of the Canadian government, who supports the activity of fur traders who now club more seals than ever before, this is a controversial subject. How much discretion should a sovereign nation have when it comes to killing young animals en masse? Some would say that if it’s Canada’s law, then outsiders shouldn’t interfere. Yet others defend the animals, who can’t vote and protest for themselves. I found some surprising feedback from members of the well-known diving forum, Scubaboard, on this topic.

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Clinton Foundation – Climate Change Initiative

truck.jpgA friend of mine from the Clinton Foundation just sent me an email, asking if I knew of anyone who was right for a job over there. Since I receive numerous job inquiries at Newsvine, from some great people, I thought I’d share.

The Clinton Climate Initiative will utilize the global influence of President Clinton, and the skills that the Foundation has developed in worldwide mobilization to confront crises such as AIDS, to help initiate programs that directly result in substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. In its first phase, CCI will work with members of a group of large cities to develop and implement a range of actions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Specific actions will include provision of technical assistance and the formation of a purchasing consortium to accelerate the evolution of markets for alternative energy products.

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The North Pacific Trash Vortex

waterbottle.gifDuring my daily consumption of interesting articles from Divester, I came across a piece describing a giant ‘vortex’ of plastic waste that circles around in the middle of the ocean North of Hawaii. Fascinated, I read on. Apparently the ocean currents carry the plastic waste discarded by ships and from land into a circular pattern such that this garbage accumulates and has nowhere else to go.

There are, in fact, two such vortices at work in the Pacific ocean, the other one lying just off the coast of Japan (another major producer of plastic waste on the Pacific Rim.

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Bottom Trawling and South Park

Doing a new rendition of one of my favorite Grammy nominated songs, ‘Blame Canada‘, Greenpeace scores a hit with a South Park parody aimed at the dastardly fishing practices of Canada and Spain. As long as we’re talking about environmental conscience and humor, please give a visit!

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