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Open Letter to Newsvine Community

logo_green_metal.jpgNewsvine has been acquired by MSNBC, and I personally would like to thank all Newsvine users who have helped make Newsvine what it is – the most vibrant and active community of users on the digital news media landscape. In addition to being one of the most powerful and unique publishing platforms on the web – the open dialogues, the free and creative expression of ideas and the genuine manner in which all of you participate on the site are some of the foremost reasons that found Newsvine to be an attractive company to partner with. As has developed and grown, so too have you users gelled into a community that can (and does) stand alongside professional journalists and the mainstream media. This has been the objective all along, to give citizens a platform to share their ideas, experiences and access to events – by delivering their stories to the greatest number of people – all the while allowing readers to decide what makes it to the Top of the Vine.

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ElectionVine Launch

Today we launched ElectionVine, a distributed election widget designed to poll the readers of many sites across the web. To see how it works, just take a look at my sidebar. I have it set by default to display the results of the readers of my site. Right now Ron Paul is in the lead, but just moments ago it was Al Gore (facebook people must’ve shown up here). Speaking of Facebook, that’s where we first tested the waters with our Facebook Election 08 Application.

TechCrunch did a nice writeup about ElectionVine, and Mike Arrington is running the widget on that post. It looks like TechCrunch readers support Obama at the moment. This will be interesting to watch public opinion unfold as we approach the primaries, and eventually as we run into the general election in 2008.

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leapfish.gifToday I came across a blog post and discovered a site called LeapFish, which estimates the value of domain names. Now, if you’re a big domain name squatter you might find this site useful, or at least entertaining, to figure out how much cashola you’ve got stowed away in your GoDaddy account. A quick search yields the estimate that is worth a whopping $445,900.00.

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Newsvine Public Launch

blog_1123797961.jpgToday we released to the World. If you haven’t seen it yet, pop on over and give ‘er a test drive. We’ve added heaps of new features over the past few weeks ahead of this public launch to make The Vine nice and cozy for our new users. I’ve detailed a few interesting feature additions and facts about Newsvine.

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Newsvine Private Beta

door.jpgWe’re putting the finishing touches on the site ahead of opening the doors to you private beta testers. Many of you have been very, very patient by waiting to take part in the private testing of We’re sorry to have kept you on the sidelines for so long, but we wanted to have things as polished as possible. Crazy things can happen once thousands of people are putting stresses on the system, and our team has been working hard to ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible despite that fact. If you’ve been waiting….your wait is coming to an end, very shortly now over.

Enter Newsvine

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On Newsvine, Inc.

logo_green_metal.jpgI’ve been quiet lately and I have a little explaining to do. There are two real reasons I haven’t had time to write any posts lately. One, I’ve been diving a bunch of new gear and some friends and I have found a group of seals who apparently like to dive with us, using our torches for finding food. Two, the company I co-founded has just been released on a limited basis to the public. More on the seals later but for now I’m going to take a departure from diving and tell you a little about Newsvine.

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