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A New Chapter Begins – AtlasOmega

“Woah!” you say, an actual blog entry from Calvin here? Yes, egads, it has been a long time. I have been a very busy bee, and here are the highlights:

I left Newsvine/MSNBC at the end of June 2010 to follow my dreams of diving around the world and shooting underwater photography along the way. In fact, despite my absence here on, I have been quite busy publishing (what I think is) fantastic content over at my new online abode, AtlasOmega, where I have teamed up with a number of professional outdoor athletes, photographers and fellow gearheads.

“AtlasOmega” is a name I decided upon, that encapsulates the group’s intention to explore and showcase the last known boundaries of our natural world. My motley crew of contributors and photographers include people who spend vast amounts of time in frozen places, on mountains, in the water and in all sorts of extreme environments. We aim to share tales of faraway places and fantastic adventures, so that we may inspire you to get off of your keyboard and out into the wild, whether it be a weekend hike or a monthlong mountain climb – AtlasOmega promotes an active and engaged lifestyle through photos and in-depth articles.

To get started, you’ll want to check out the beautiful photo galleries, divided into categories of Land and Water (to begin), as well as the captivating narratives and equipment guides from our collection of writers.

I haven’t yet decided what to do with this Blog, but for now I’ll keep it up for posterity’s sake. Please do me a favor and add AtlasOmega to your Google Reader or bookmarks, and follow my activities and antics over there. Thanks for reading 🙂

January 26th, 2011

Tumblr Blog

I’ve been playing around with Tumblr lately, and I’m thinking about using it to post blog entries from now on, either in compliment to or instead of this WordPress blog. WordPress is a great publishing platform with tons of features and plugins. But, I think the simplicity of Tumblr will make me post much more often (or at all). For now, you can catch my Tumblr posts here

April 20th, 2008


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